Estadio de Béisbol Charros de Jalisco y Atletismo

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Estadio de Béisbol Charros de Jalisco
Estadio Telmex de Atletismo.JPG
Location Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Coordinates 20°43′38.5″N 103°22′53.5″W / 20.727361°N 103.381528°W / 20.727361; -103.381528Coordinates: 20°43′38.5″N 103°22′53.5″W / 20.727361°N 103.381528°W / 20.727361; -103.381528
Capacity 13,000 (baseball)
8,500 (track and field)
Surface UBU Sports S5 - Manufactured by Turf Nation
Opened October 19, 2011
Construction cost $28 million U.S. Dollars
Charros de Jalisco (LMP) (2014-present)
2011 Pan American Games
2017 World Baseball Classic
2018 Caribbean Series

The Estadio de Béisbol Charros de Jalisco is a baseball and athletics stadium located in Zapopan, near Guadalajara, Mexico. It was built for the 2011 Pan American Games at substantial cost.[1][2] It opened in 2011 and received official certification from the International Association of Athletics Federations just days before the start of the Pan American Games.[3] It will have a permanent capacity of 8,000, but will be increased to 15,000 during the games.[2] It has an eight-lane tartan track as well as an adjoining warm-up track.[3]

During the 2011 Pan American Games, it hosted the athletics competition. After the games, it was used as a concert venue and to host sporting competitions including baseball.[4] On September 14, 2014, the Mexican Pacific League's Charros de Jalisco bought the stadium.[citation needed] The stadium hosted Pool D of the first round of the 2017 World Baseball Classic.[5]

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