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Flag of Estado Aragonés

Estado Aragonés ('Aragonese State' in English) was a small Aragonese left-wing political party, and the first regarded as fully nationalist. It was founded in Barcelona in the winter of 1933, during the Second Spanish Republic. Many of their members came from Unión Aragonesista and had their origins in the north-east Aragonese region of Ribagorza. The president was Gaspar Torrente.

The youth wing of the party, Los Almogávares ('The Almogavars'), headed by Luis Porté, supported the declaration of the Catalan Republic by Lluis Companys in 1934, what lead to their headquarters being closed down. The organization was quite inactive until 1936, when they opened a new head office and Miguel Alcubierre was elected as the president of the youth wing. He started a campaign for self-government in Aragon which aroused the interest of the rest of left-wing Republican parties.

Those actions led to a Congress taking place in Caspe (Saragossa) at the beginning of May in 1936, with Torrente as the chairman. The result was the draft of a Statute of Autonomy for Aragon, which would not come to the light due to the onset of the Spanish Civil War. By 1939 the party had ceased to exist.

Renacimiento Aragonés ('Aragonese Revival') was the party's official publication. The party was in good relations with the Catalan party Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya.

Estau Aragonés[edit]

In 2006, Estau Aragonés (Estado Aragonés in Spanish, Estat Aragonès in Catalan) was founded as a new political party, inspired by the one of 1933 in a sort of refoundation. It aims for the independence of Aragon and the liberation of the Aragonese working class. The youth wing is Astral-Mozardalla d'Estau Aragonés.

In 2007, both Estau Aragonés and Astral, along with other Aragonese pro-independence organizations (Chobenalla, Puyalón, A Enrestida and the Aragonese Workers' Union, STA) formed a political bloc, called Bloque Independentista de Cuchas (Aragonese for 'Left Independentist Block').

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