Estan Patera

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Highest resolution image of Estan Patera, acquired by Galileo during an encounter with Io in October 1999

Estan Patera is a patera, or a complex crater with scalloped edges, on Jupiter's moon Io. It is 95 kilometers in diameter and located at 21°37′N 87°43′W / 21.61°N 87.71°W / 21.61; -87.71[1]Coordinates: 21°37′N 87°43′W / 21.61°N 87.71°W / 21.61; -87.71[1]. It is named after the Hittite sun god Estan. Its name was adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 2006.[1] It is located at the northern base of the 11-kilometer mountain Gish Bar Mons. Located west-northwest is Skythia Mons, and to the southwest is Monan Mons, at the northern and southern ends of which are Monan Patera and Ah Peku Patera.[2]


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