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Skank estandarte.jpg
Studio album by Skank
Released 2008
Genre Alternative rock

Estandarte is the tenth studio album released by Brazilian rock band Skank in 2008.


The album features 12 new and previously unreleased songs and has partnerships with both Chico Amaral and Cesar Mauricio, in addition to the usual partnership with Nando Reis. The album also marks the return of Dudu Marote's production.

One highlight is "Ainda Gosto Dela", featuring Negra Li emerging on the charts. The album also has the participation of the band Funk Como Le Gusta. The album is pop / rock mixed with soul, funk, reggae, surf music and electronic sounds. It marks the return of the group to the tunes of their earlier work, with strong influences from recent Britpop albums.

The song "Sutilmente" has been one of the most acclaimed by fans, surprising even Samuel Rosa.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Pára-Raio"    
2. "Ainda Gosto Dela"    
3. "Chão"    
4. "Canção Áspera"    
5. "Noites De Um Verão Qualquer"    
6. "Escravo"    
7. "Notícias Do Submundo"    
8. "Sutilmente"    
9. "Um Gesto Qualquer"    
10. "Assim Sem Fim"    
11. "Assim Sem Fim"    
12. "Saturação"    
13. "Renascença"