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Estanzuela (Spanish pronunciation: [estanˈswela]) is a municipality in the Guatemalan department of Zacapa. It is a small town. Estanzuela was a passing place for Spaniards looking to go farther west to the ocean. A group of these Spaniards decided to rest for a while, and thought Estanzuela to be the perfect location. As they went through the surroundings they saw that it was good land to harvest, so they decided to stay. At first it was called "La Estancia". It is said that its second name was "La Estanzuelita," a Spanish diminutive of Estancia, which is translated to a resting place. Later, the name developed to today name Estanzuela.

Estanzuela's weather is warm, and mostly dry. People are friendly. Most individuals work in agriculture, while others devote themselves to making "Artesanias" or in English, old-styled clothing, and arts. A popular local craft is hand-embroidered cloth and clothing, using a style that ties fabric threads into decorative designs.

Estanzuela is also home to a modest museum of archeology.

With a population of 11,140 and an area covering 92.4 km², Estanzuela has a density of 120.56 people per square kilometer.[1]


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Coordinates: 15°00′00″N 89°34′00″W / 15°N 89.5667°W / 15; -89.5667