Esteban Arce Province

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Esteban Arce Province
Templo San José de Tarata.jpg
San José church in Esteban Arce square (Moko Pata), Tarata
Location of Esteban Arce Province within Bolivia
Bolivia Cochabamba Esteban Arce.png
General Data
Country Bolivia Bolivia
Departament Cochabamba Department
Capital Tarata
Municipalities 4
Cantons 15
Area 1,245 km2
Elevation 2,750 m
Population 31,997 (2001)
Density 25.7 inhabitants/km2 (2001)
Languages Quechua, Spanish
ISO 3166-2 BO.CB.EA
Cochabamba Department
Bolivia department of cochabamba.png

Esteban Arce is a province in Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. Its capital is Tarata.


Political map of Esteban Arce Province

The province is divided into four municipalities which are further subdivided into cantons. The municipalities with their seats are:

Section Municipality Seat
1st Tarata Municipality Tarata
2nd Anzaldo Municipality Anzaldo
3rd Arbieto Municipality Arbieto
4th Sacabamba Municipality Sacabamba
Traditional sausages (chorizos) from Tarata

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Holidays and Feasts[edit]

The province's primary feast is in honor of Saint Severin, which is celebrated the last Sunday of November in the town of Tarata.

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Coordinates: 17°50′S 66°20′W / 17.833°S 66.333°W / -17.833; -66.333