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An widened (8 cm) Esther powered by a Volvo B20 engine and a Volvo 240 rear axle.

Esther is a Lotus 7 type car made in Ugglerum, Sweden. The company was founded by Lars Svensson and Magnus Haferbier in 1987. They started off with a shingle wood board jig which had been used for earlier Lotus 7 copies in the Kalmar area. However new ideas came and the first chassis was sold unfinished and a new design was made, this time based on a Triumph Herald as donor. Since the mk2 chassis in 1988 over 45 chassis' have been sold.

An Esther can be built with engines from Ford, Opel, Volvo, Alfa Romeo and VW, with De Dion tube or live rear axles and different types of 4 and 5 speed gear boxes.

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