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Esther Ku
Esther Ku in 2010
Born c. 1980
Medium Stand-up, television
Years active 2002–present

Esther Ku (c. 1980) is an American comedian and television personality. Ku was a cast member on the MTV shows Girl Code and Wild 'N Out.[1]


The daughter of Christian missionaries, Ku was born in Chicago in the 1980s. She worked as a traveling sales representative for Sharpie and claims that she was fired for laughing too much.[2] She claimed that she was using this trainee position as a way for her to explore doing comedy while on the road.[3]

Ku has said that comedians need to be prepared to deal with the failure of a joke; she claimed that she does so by poking fun at herself.[4] Ku was also interviewed by veteran comedian Richard Lewis on NPR in a feature about the difficulties of becoming a comedian.[5]

Ku's career has garnered mixed to negative reception. While being profiled for a documentary about female comedians of color, Ku was seen attempting to perform a comedy set in which she stated: "I don't really like being Asian, but I'm kind of stuck with it." She went on to say that "Nigerian babies cost like 25 cents a day. Asian babies cost a lot more because they pay off." Her attempted comedy set received "pained groans and a smattering of uncomfortable laughs" from the audience.[6]


Peelander-Z with Esther Ku and an audience member playing the guitar and bass

Ku was a cast member on the MTV show Girl Code.[7] Ku also became a cast member on the sixth season of Wild 'N Out on MTV2. In 2008, Ku competed on the sixth season of Last Comic Standing, where she finished in eleventh place.[8] She was selected for NBC's Stand-up for Diversity Showcase in 2006.[9] In 2011, Ku MCed an Asian Heritage show in New York which also featured Jenny Choi and Peelander-Z.[10] In 2015, Ku played the role of Tracy on The Jack and Triumph Show, which was cancelled after seven episodes. Ku was featured as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on July 29, 2015.[11][12]


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