Esther Sumner Damon

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Esther Sumner Damon (August 1, 1814[1] - November 11, 1906) of Vermont was the last American Revolutionary War widow to receive a pension. She married Noah Damon on September 6, 1835 when she was 21 and he was 75. Noah served with the Massachusetts troops as a private, and he applied for a war pension in November 13, 1848 being resident of Plainfield, New Hampshire. He died five years later. Upon his death, on July 2, 1853, she applied for a pension, and it was granted on October 25, 1855. This pension was increased by the United States Congress on February 28, 1905. She died November 11, 1906. She is buried in the same Vermont cemetery as President Calvin Coolidge. She held the distinction of being the last pensioner of the American Revolution. A 1903 U.S. Pension report listed two Revolutionary War widows (Damon and a Rebecca Mayo of Virginia) and three "Real Daughters" of Revolutionary War veterans.


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