Estonian Afghanistan Contingent

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Estonian Afghanistan Contingent
Country Estonia
AllegianceInternational Security Assistance Force
BranchEstonian Defence Forces
Garrison/HQ(Helmand province) Camp Bastion
Motto(s)E Pluribus Unum / Respect
Mascot(s)Polar Bear
EngagementsWar in Afghanistan:
Helmand province campaign
Operation Hammer
Operation Panther's Claw
DecorationsNATO Medal ribbon (Non-Article 5).svg
MajorJanno Märk[1]

The Estonian Afghanistan Contingent or (simply Afghanistan Contingent) was a joint military force of the Estonian Defence Forces deployed mainly in the southern region of Afghanistan, Helmand province in Now Zad area.[2]

Current deployments[edit]

This the order of battle of the known units that are operating within the Estonian Afghanistan Contingent:[3]


Estonia has participated in Afghanistan since March 2003 under the NATO mission International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. The first Estonians to rotate in the country were an anti-landmine team in Kabul. In 2005 most of the Estonian units were relocated into northern Afghanistan in Mazar-e-Sharif province and in 2006 into the Helmand province in south Afghanistan.

Former deployments[edit]

This the order of battle of the known units that have operated within the Estonian Afghanistan Contingent:[4]

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