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The building of National Archives in Tartu.

The National Archives of Estonia (Estonian: Rahvusarhiiv) is the National archive of Estonia.[1] The primary purpose is to collect, preserve and archive historically valuable records from central authorities, such as ministries, agencies and national organisations and make them available to the public. The archive is part of the Estonian State Chancellery.

The National Archives have three branches, the Estonian Historical Archives, the Estonian State Archives and the Estonian Film Archives; as well as six regional archives based in Harju County, Lääne County, Lääne-Viru County, Saare County, Tartu County and Valga County.

Estonian State Archives[edit]

Estonian Historical Archives[edit]

The Estonian Historical Archives (Estonian: Ajalooarhiiv) holds records relating to former institutions that existed on the territory of Estonia. Included in this archive are records relating to the Baltic-German nobility, church records, local government records and historically significant personal files and documents. The collection contains rare documents, vellums, engravings and a collection of historical maps. Website:

Estonian Film Archives[edit]

The Estonian Film Archives (Estonian: Filmiarhiiv) holds 8000 films, 500000 photographs and 7000 audio recordings.

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