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Estonian Physical Society (Eesti Füüsika Selts)
Estonian Physical Society.jpg
Abbreviation EFS
Formation 19 May 1989[1]
Region served
Kaido Reivelt

The Estonian Physical Society (Eesti Füüsika Selts, EFS) is a voluntary not-for-profit research society bringing together all those active in physics in Estonia. The EFS was established in 1989 and is affiliated with the Estonian Academy of Sciences (Eesti Teaduste Akadeemia) and is a European Physical Society Member Society.[1][2][3]

Presidents of the Estonian Physical Society[edit]

Kaido Reivelt (University of Tartu) is the current president (since 2007).[4] The first president of the Society was Jaak Aaviksoo,[5] followed later by Piret Kuusk (1998-2001),[6] Raivo Jaaniso (2001-2004),[7] and Arvo Kikas (2004-2007).[8]

Honorary members[edit]


The EFS gives several awards:

1992: Enn Realo
1993: Rein Kaarli
1994: Georg Liidja
1995: Vladimir Hiznjakov
1996: Mart Elango
1997: Arlentin Laisaar
1999: Hannes Tammet
2000: Nikolai Kristoffel
2001: Ants Lõhmus
2002: Romi Mankin
2003: Viktor Peet
2005: Jaan Aarik
2006: Enn Saar
2007: Jaan Kalda
2008: Laser Diagnostic Instruments Collective
2009: Els Heinsalu
2010: Toomas Rõõm
2011: Ivo Heinmaa
  • A certificate of honor status: for promoting physics in Estonia;
  • And two for students for research and for the promotion of Physics.



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