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Coordinates: 43°41′N 40°16′E / 43.683°N 40.267°E / 43.683; 40.267

View on Estosadok from Aibga Mountain
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Estosadok, sometimes spelled Esto-Sadok or Estosadoc (Russian: Э́стосадо́к or Э́сто-Садо́к; Estonian: Eesti Aiake, lit. Little Estonian Garden) is a rural locality (a selo) under the administrative jurisdiction of Adlersky City District of the City of Sochi in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Mzymta River, 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) upstream from Krasnaya Polyana.[1] The population of Estosadok is 890 people.[citation needed]

It was founded in 1886 by thirty-six Estonian families who arrived to Krasnaya Polyana to render habitable the lands formerly settled by Sadz.

There are the ruins of a Circassian fort and the memorial house of the Estonian writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare. It is the location of the alpine ski resort Alpika-Service. Roza Khutor railway station connects this area with Adler railway station, with further connections to Sochi International Airport, Sochi Olympic Village, and central Sochi.