Estradiol valerate/methenmadinone caproate

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Estradiol valerate /
methenmadinone caproate
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Methenmadinone caproate.svg
Combination of
Estradiol valerateEstrogen
Methenmadinone caproateProgestogen
Clinical data
Other namesEV/MMC; Lutofollin
Routes of
Intramuscular injection
CAS Number

Estradiol valerate/methenmadinone caproate (EV/MMC), known by the tentative brand name Lutofollin, is a combination medication of estradiol valerate (EV), an estrogen, and methenmadinone caproate (MMC; superlutin caproate), a progestin, which was developed for potential use as a once-a-month combined injectable contraceptive but was never marketed.[1][2][3] It contained 10 mg EV and 60 mg MMC in 1 mL oil solution and was intended for administration by intramuscular injection once every 4 weeks.[1][2][3]

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