Estrid Bjørnsdotter

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Estrid Bjornsdotter
Queen consort of Norway
Reign 1170–1176
Spouse Tore Skinnfeld
Magnus V of Norway
Issue Sigurd Magnusson?
Father Björn Byrdasvend
Mother Rangrid Guttormsdotter

Estrid Bjørnsdotter also called Estrid Byrdasvend, (12th century), was a Medieval Norwegian Queen consort, spouse of King Magnus V of Norway.

Estrid Bjørnsdotter was the daughter of Björn Byrdasvend and Rangrid Guttormsdotter, who was a probable descendant of Tostig Godwinson, the brother of the last Anglo-Saxon King of England Harold Godwinson. She was the widow of Tore Skinnfeld. She later married King Magnus V in the year of 1170, and thereby became queen of Norway.


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Preceded by
Ragna Nikolasdatter
Queen Consort of Norway
Succeeded by
Margaret of Sweden