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Nebiolo Printech S.p.A.
Industry Graphic Arts
Founded Turin, Italy (1852)
Founder Giovanni Nebiolo
Headquarters Via Bologna 47, Turin, 10152, Italy
Area served
Key people
Giovanni Nebiolo, Raffaello Bertieri, Alessandro Butti, Aldo Novarese
Products Printing presses, paper, foundry type

Nebiolo Printech S.p.A. is a manufacturer of printing presses and paper and formerly a type foundry. Nebiolo & Co. was created when Giovanni Nebiolo bought out the type foundry of G. Narizzano in Turin, Italy, in 1852. In 1908 the company merged with the Urania Company and operated under the name Augustea and began to buy out many smaller foundries. In 1916 it was again renamed Società Nebiolo. Fiat bought the press manufacturing business in 1978, turning the type business over to Italiana Caratteri. In 1992 it became Nebiolo Printech S.p.A. and continues to manufacture presses under that name today.[1]

Type foundry[edit]

Nebiolo created a large library of typefaces, which remain popular today, although the company never entered photocomposition. It also built a type caster that competed with the Ludlow Typograph. Nebiolo types were distributed in the United States by Continental Type Founders Association. The designer Aldo Novarese became art director in 1952. The matrices for Nebiolo types are still being used by Schriften-Service D. Stempel GmbH.[2]


  • Hastile
  • Lapis
  • Egiziano (1905)
  • Torino (1908), also known as Romano Moderno
  • Inkunabula (1911, Raffaello Bertieri)
  • Tanagra (published 1924, design 1910 by Natale Varetti)
  • Sinibaldi (1926, Bertieri)
  • Paganini (1928, Alessandro Butti and Bertieri)
  • Ottocento (1930)
  • Iliade (1930, Bertieri)
  • Semplicità (c. 1928-1931)
  • Veltro (1931)
  • Ruano (1933, Bertieri)
  • Neon (1935, G. da Milano)
  • Razionale (1935, G. da Milano)
  • Resolut (1937, H. Brünnel)
  • Quirinus (1939, Butti)
  • Welt (1931, Hans Wagner)
  • Landi (1939-43, Butti and Novarese), variations on Welt
  • Athenaeum (1945, Butti and Novarese)
  • Normandia (1946-49, Butti and Novarese)
  • Rondine (1948, Butti)
  • Augustea (1951, Butti and Novarese)
  • Fluidum (1951, Butti)
  • Microgramma (1951, Butti and Novarese), capitals only
  • Cigno (1954, Novarese)
  • Fontanesi (1954, Novarese)
  • Egizio (1955-58, Novarese)
  • Juliet (1955, Novarese)
  • Ritmo (1955, Novarese)
  • Garaldus (1956-60, Novarese), a version of Garamond
  • Slogan (1957, Novarese)
  • Recta (1958-61, Novarese)
  • Estro (1961, Novarese)
  • Eurostile (1962, Novarese), basically Microgramma with a lower case.
  • Magistier (1966, Novarese)
  • Oscar (1966, Novarese)
  • Forma (1966-7, Novarese, Grignani, Iliprandi, Munari, Negri, Neuberg, Oriani, and Tovaglia)
  • Metropol (1967, Novarese)
  • Elite (1968, Novarese)
  • Stop (1970, Novarese)
  • Cigogna (Butti)
  • Atalante, a knock-off of Copperplate Gothic.

Printing presses[edit]

In 1890 Nebiolo began manufacturing printing presses, at first letterpress, but today the company produces the Colora line of sheet-fed offset presses, the Target line of web offset presses, a line of flexo packaging presses, and the Nebiolo Orient, a newspaper web-press.


May 2001 Nebiolo acquired the Arbatax papermill, which produces 20% of Italy’s paper, with a yearly production of 130.000 tons of recycled paper for newsprint.


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