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Estrone (top) and
progesterone (bottom)
Combination of
Clinical data
Trade namesSynergon[1][2]
Other namesE1/P4
Routes of
Intramuscular injection

Estrone/progesterone (E1/P4), sold under the brand name Synergon, is a combination medication formulation of estrone, an estrogen, and progesterone, a progestogen, which is used as an injectable preparation to induce withdrawal bleeding in women with non-pregnancy-related amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).[3][1][2][4] [5][6] It has also sometimes been used off-label as an abortifacient.[5][6][7] The medication comes in a three-ampoule pack, contains 1 mg estrone and 10 mg progesterone per ampoule, and is administered by intramuscular injection.[3][5][6][8] The usual dose of the medication is three injections each two days apart, with the treatment duration not exceeding one week.[3] E1/P4 is or has been available in France, Monaco, and Turkey, as well as in some French-speaking African countries such as Benin and Cameroon.[1][2][4][9][6][7] The medication has been marketed since at least 1952.[10]

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