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Combination of
TestosteroneAndrogen; Anabolic steroid
Clinical data
Trade namesTristeron, Tristerone
Other namesE1/P4/T
Routes of
Intramuscular injection

Estrone/progesterone/testosterone (E1/P4/T), sold under the brand name Tristeron or Tristerone, is an injectable combination medication of estrone (E1), an estrogen, progesterone (P4), a progestogen, and testosterone (T), an androgen/anabolic steroid, which was used in the treatment of functional uterine bleeding in women.[1][2] It contained 6 mg estrone, 50 mg progesterone, and 25 mg testosterone in microcrystalline aqueous suspension and was administered by intramuscular injection.[1][3][4] The medication was manufactured by Wyeth and was marketed by 1951.[1][5] It is no longer available.[6][7]

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