Estuaire Province

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Estuaire Province in Gabon
Estuaire Province in Gabon
Coordinates: 0°23′40″N 9°25′45″E / 0.39444°N 9.42917°E / 0.39444; 9.42917Coordinates: 0°23′40″N 9°25′45″E / 0.39444°N 9.42917°E / 0.39444; 9.42917
Country  Gabon
Capital Libreville
 • Total 20,740 km2 (8,010 sq mi)
Population (2013 census)
 • Total 895,689
 • Density 43/km2 (110/sq mi)

Estuaire is one of Gabon's nine provinces. It covers an area of 20,740 km². The provincial capital is Libreville, which is also the national capital. The province is named for the Gabon Estuary, which is at the heart of the province.

Estuaire's western edge is the shores of the Gulf of Guinea. To the north, Estuaire borders the Republic of Equatorial Guinea: the Litoral Province in the northwest, and the Centro Sur Province in the northeast. Domestically, it borders the following provinces:


Estuaire is divided into 6 departments:

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