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Estufa Fria, a greenhouse with three gardens in Lisbon

The Estufa Fria is a greenhouse with three gardens located in Eduardo VII Park, between Alameda Engenheiro Edgar Cardoso and Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira in Lisbon, Portugal.[1]


Statue in Estufa Fria

With an area of about 1.5 hectares, it consists of three parts, the Cold Greenhouse proper, Glasshouse Hot and Sweet Greenhouse. The cold area, the largest of the three with about 8100 square meters, is covered with a lath of wood that naturally control the temperature and light inside. Alberga species such as azalea (rhododendron spp.) and camellias (Camellia japonica) from various parts of the world.

The area of the Estufa Quente occupies about 3000 square meters and is home to such tropical climate species as coffee ( coffea sp.) and mangifera.

The Estufa Doce has species of cacti, and other succulent plants, such as aloe (Aloe vera).

The whole greenhouse features small lakes, waterfalls and statues.


The Estufa Fria opened in 1933, being the result of a project conceived by architect Raul Carapinha. It was built on an area of old basalt mining , which stopped after the discovery of a source of water in the place.[2]

The greenhouse underwent a remodeling that accompanied the remodeling of Parque Eduardo VII, with the construction of the lake at the entrance and a huge living room, the ship call, which hosts several types of events.

In 1975 two new sections opened, the Estufa Quente and Estufa Doce, expanding the botanical collection to include plants from the tropics and equatorial species.

The term "cold greenhouse" comes from not using any heating system. Wooden slats protect the plants from excessively hot or cold temperatures.

There are white Soares statues, Leopoldo de Almeida and Teixeira Angels (son). As to the porch of the entrance, it is a project of Keil do Amaral.

Recent developments[edit]

On 29 April 2009, the cold greenhouse closed due to the risk of collapse of its steel structure covering. [3] After two years of work, it reopened in April 2011.[4]


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