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Etang Discher (1908[1]–1981[2]) (also known as Nena Discher) was a prominent Filipina character film actress frequently cast in villainous roles. Her stern, gaunt Castilian face loomed in many post-war Filipino films, especially soap opera-type dramas. She was the woman Filipino movie audiences loved to hate, often playing a villainous aunt, mother-in-law or even a witch. While her roles were hardly predisposed to have made her a star, she nonetheless was one of the more famous (or infamous) and durable stars of Filipino films. Many of her films were produced by Sampaguita Pictures, the studio under which she was under contract for a significant part of her career..

Discher was born to a German father and a Filipina mother, with a sister named Elaina Discher. her extended family reside on the West Coast of the United States in Washington State and California. (Niece) She began her career in showbusiness as a chorus girl in the bodabil stage shows of Katy de la Cruz.[3] Her son, Panchito, became a famous film comedian in his own right, usually cast as the comedic foil to Dolphy.


Year Title Production Company
1939 Anak ng Hinagpis Filippine Films
1946 Alaala Kita LVN Pictures
1951 Reyna Elena
Ang Aking Kahapon Tamaraw Pictures
Haring Cobra LVN Pictures
1952 Rebecca Sampaguita Pictures
Tia Loleng LVN Pictures
Bakas ng Kahapon Premiere Productions
1953 Dyesebel Premiere Productions,

Manuel Vistan Productions

1954 Musikong Bumbong Sampaguita Pictures
Matandang Dalaga
Jack & Jill
Eskandalosa Ace York
Ang Biyenang Hindi Tumatawa Sampaguita Pictures
Tres Ojos
1955 Uhaw sa Pag-ibig
Kontra Bida
Bim Bam Bum
1956 Vaccacionista
Kanto Girl
1957 Sino ang Maysala Vera-Perez Productions
Bituing Marikit Sampaguita Pictures
Paru-Parong Bukid
1958 Mga Reyna ng Vicks
Isang Milyong Kasalanan
Palaboy Vera-Perez Productions
Mapait na Lihim Sampaguita Pictures
Baby Bubut
Berdaderong Ginto Vera-Perez Productions
Bobby Sampaguita Pictures


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extended family lives in Washington, California, and Texas.

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