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Video cast. Etcetera - front row, second from right

Etcetera is a fictional character in Cats, the musical play based primarily on T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Primarily a dancer, she is one of the chorus line kittens in the tribe of the Jellicle cats.


Etcetera was originally an unnamed chorus kitten in the original Andrew Lloyd Webber production of Cats. However, the role was soon given a name and a definite character.[citation needed] Her defining moment is at the end of Rum Tum Tugger's song, she is so overexcited by his charisma that she can not stop squealing until he physically quiets her, often by stuffing her mouth with his tail.

Character personality and appearance[edit]

Etcetera is cute, energetic, bouncy, girlish and immature - the epitome of kitten-ness personified. Among the other kittens - Victoria, Electra, and Jemima - she is the most infatuated with Rum Tum Tugger, despite her being too young. Etcetera is also friends with Rumpleteazer. She was also one of the cats to touch and accept the main character,Grizabella back into the tribe.

Stage role[edit]

Etcetera plays a minor chorus character, with no solo dance routines. When the character is cut from an adaptation, the squealing role is usually given to Rumpleteazer.

In the original Broadway production, Etcetera was included and played the role of Rumpleteazer in a puppet show put on to entertain Bustopher Jones. However, when the production was brought into line with other productions worldwide, Etcetera became Rumpleteazer full-time, and the role of Etcetera was cut.

In the 1998 video production, Etcetera swung on the flying trapeze during the prologue.


In the 1998 video, Etcetera is played by Jo Bingham, who also stands in for Victoria the White Cat in some scenes. In the final (2001) London cast, Etcetera was played by Sarah Jane Honeywell who was remarkably acrobatic, stealing the limelight during the Jellicle Ball scene by performing acrobatics throughout the auditorium. Honeywell was injured during the run up to the closing night, however returned to the stage for the final show, and performed her acrobatics while injured. During the interim period the role of Etcetera was often played by Summer Strallen, wearing her own swing cat costume.