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Etcetera Records is a Dutch/Belgian classical music record label founded in Amsterdam in 1982. The original founders were David Rossiter and Michel Arcizet. In 2002 Coda Distribution bought the label with the late Paul Janse (1967-2014) and Dirk De Greef as A&R managers, later joined by Roman Jans. Currently the label is based in Lummen, Belgium.[1][2]

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  1. ^ Gramophone Volume 72 1994 - Page 12 "Michel Arcizet, the founder and owner of Amsterdam-based Etcetera Records, has died at the age of 49. This small and enterprising label was established in October 1982 in collaboration with Arcizet's business partner David Rossiter. It was characterized by imagination and style, with wide-ranging musical sympathies. Although Arcizet did not engage exclusive artists there were a number of musicians who recorded regularly for the label, one of whom was the soprano Roberta Alexander, who writes "No words can express the loss of such a kind and loving ......"
  2. ^ Robert Matthew-Walker Havergal Brian: Reminiscences and Observations 1995 - Page 80 "Eric Pinkett and, I think, William Robson came to see me at my office in Theobald's Road, together with the talented young man I had appointed to succeed me in my classical job, David Rossiter - who was later to found Et Cetera Records ..."
  3. ^ Fanfare Joel Flegler - Volume 9, Issues 5-6 - 1986- Page 62 Can you tell me how Etcetera records and Roberta Alexander got together? R.A. I was ... The owner introduced me to David Rossiter, who told me that he had a record company and would like to record me. V.A. Did ... So anyway, about a week later, I got a call from Rossiter, and I realized he was perfectly serious. 1 went to ... R.A. David Rossiter and Michel Arcizet, David's partner at Etcetera, made that decision. The company is based in Holland, where I'm very well-known. So here is my first solo album, and if they put a painting or something like that on the cover it ..."

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