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Eternal Love
Three Lives Poster.jpg
Also known asThree Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Based onThree Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms by TangQi GongZi
Directed byLam Yuk-fan
Yu Cuihua
Ren Haitao
StarringYang Mi
Mark Chao
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes58
Production location(s)Xiangshan Movie & Television Town, Yunnan
Running time45 mins
Production company(s)Gcoo Entertainment
Jay Walk Studio
San Weihuo
DistributorGcoo Entertainment
Original networkDragon TV, Zhejiang TV
Picture formatHDTV 1080i, SDTV 576i
Audio formatStereophonic
Original release30 January (2017-01-30) –
1 March 2017 (2017-03-01)
Followed byEternal Love of Dream
Related showsLove and Destiny

Eternal Love (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花; pinyin: San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua), also known as Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, is a 2017 Chinese television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao.[1] It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name (released as To the Sky Kingdom in English) by Tang Qi Gong Zi. The series was broadcast on Zhejiang TV and Dragon TV from 30 January to 1 March 2017.[2][3]

As of 1 August 2018, the series has reached 50 billion views, becoming the most watched television series in China.[4]


After a devastating war, the immortal tribe paid a heavy price to seal the ghost lord Qing Cang through the sacrifice of their God of War, Mo Yuan. 70,000 years later, in an attempt to re-seal the ghost lord who was about to break free, Bai Qian (Yang Mi)'s memories and powers were sealed by the ghost lord, and she was sent to the mortal realm to undergo a trial as part of her ascension to a High Goddess. Living as a mortal girl, she meets Ye Hua (Mark Chao) and the two fell in love, and Ye Hua gifts her the name of Su Su. In order to prevent the same tragedy (that happened to Sang Ji and Shao Xin) from befalling, Ye Hua attempts to fake his death while hiding Su Su from the Nine Heavens after she became pregnant. However, Ye Hua's plans were eventually thwarted and Su Su was brought to the Nine Heavens. Su Jin (Huang Mengying), who is jealous of Ye Hua's love for Su Su, intentionally creates a series of misunderstanding between them and causes Su Su to lose her eyes. Thinking that Ye Hua has betrayed her, the devastated Su Su jumps off from the Zhu Xian Terrace, an act fatal to all mortals. Instead of dying, the seal on her memories and powers is broken, restoring Su Su back to her goddess status. Unable to deal with the psychological trauma, Bai Qian consumes a potion to erase all her memories of the events after her powers were sealed, and she forgets Ye Hua.

Three hundred years later, Bai Qian and Ye Hua meet again as deities. Another lifetime, another world, Ye Hua recognizes Bai Qian as the woman he loves, but the latter remains indifferent. Ye Hua begins to pursue Bai Qian for the second time to regain her affections, and eventually succeeds when his love is requited. From beginning to end, time continues to flow and the lines of their fates continue to cross: an entanglement of three lives and three worlds and a road of peach blossoms.



Actor Character Introduction
Yang Mi Bai Qian
Si Yin
Su Su

Bai Qian: Youngest child of the Fox King and current female monarch of Qing Qiu. A well-respected High Goddess in the heavenly realm, who is revered for her beauty. She has a sassy and forthright personality. Although her memories and affection for Ye Hua were erased, she fell in love with him once again when they met in the heavenly realm.

Si Yin: Alias of Bai Qian when she was the disciple of Mo Yuan. During her times in Kun Lun, she fell in love with Li Jing but was later betrayed by him and Xuan Nü. She also developed a deep bond with Mo Yuan as his disciple, and tried all sorts of methods in order to bring him back to life after his soul was destroyed by the Dong Huang bell. As Si Yin, nobody knew that she was a woman except for Mo Yuan and Li Jing.

Su Su: Mortal identity of Bai Qian, with her memories and powers sealed by Qing Cang after she successfully re-seals Qing Cang in the Dong Huang bell. She unknowingly fell in love with Ye Hua, married him, and gave birth to their son, A Li. However, due to misunderstandings, she jumped off the Zhu Xian terrace and returned to her goddess identity.

Mark Chao
Shiyue Anxi (young)[5]

Jin Lian
Ye Hua
Zhao Ge

Jin Lian: The Golden Lotus residing at Kun Lun. Was taken care by Si Yin during her stay in Kun Lun.

Ye Hua: Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens. Having bore the responsibility of a future ruler since he was born, Ye Hua has a stoic personality and is more mature than his age. He hides his pain behind his calm exterior, choosing to sacrifice for his loved ones silently. Meeting and falling in love with Su Su during his trip to the mortal world changed his personality, and he becomes more exuberant. When Su Su was forced into the Nine Heavens, he appears to be cold to her in front of company to hide their relationship, believing it was the only way to protect her.

Zhao Ge: Mortal reincarnation of Ye Hua. As a punishment for killing the four beasts guarding the divine fungal grass, he was sent to the mortal realm to experience life and death.


Qing Qiu Fox Tribe[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Ken Chang[6] Zhe Yan A phoenix immortal and one of the few remaining primordial High Gods. He is a good friend of the Bai family, and shares a special relationship with Bai Zhen. He keeps out of the affairs of the eight realms, choosing to guard and nurture the ten miles of peach blossoms he planted. He is good at wine brewing and also possesses remarkable medical skills.
Dilraba Dilmurat[7] Bai Fengjiu
Consort Chen
Bai Yi's daughter and Bai Qian's niece. She is the world's only nine-tailed red fox, and the next monarch of Qing Qiu. Feng Jiu fell in love with Dong Hua when he saved her from being killed by the Golden Lion beast, and thereafter moved into Tai Chen Palace to serve Dong Hua and repay his kindness.

Consort Chen is Feng Jiu's mortal identity, when she descended into the mortal realm to assist Dong Hua in completing his love trials.
Yu Menglong[8] Bai Zhen Fourth son of the Fox King, Bai Qian's elder brother. He loves to drink and wishes to live a carefree life. He shares a special relationship with Zhe Yan.
Zhang Youhao[9] Mi Gu A tree spirit who is the housekeeper of Qing Qiu. He is loyal to the Bai family, having served them since youth. Due to the nature of his powers, he is afraid of fire.
An Yuexi[10] Shao Xin A snake spirit whom Bai Qian saved, and later becomes her personal attendant. She falls in love with Sang Ji, who was originally Bai Qian's fiancé, and leaves Qing Qiu with him, causing the Fox Tribe to hold a grudge against her. Though Bai Qian doesn't have any resentment toward her, she cannot outwardly forgive Shao Xin because her actions deeply disgraced Qing Qiu.
Zhang Gong Bai Zhi Also known as Fox King, ruler of Qing Qiu Fox Tribe. Bai Qian, Bai Zhen and Bai Yi's father. He is a powerful god, once defeating the four mythical beasts that guard the Divine Fungal Grass.
Ma Rui Fox Queen Wife of Bai Zhi. Bai Qian, Bai Zhen and Bai Yi's mother.
Leng Haiming[11] Bai Yi Second son of the Fox King, Bai Qian's elder brother and Feng Jiu's father. He is feared by the younger generation due to his strict and unyielding demeanor.
Li Ensheng[12] Bi Fang An immortal beast with the highest cultivation, who can freely roam the world. However, because of his admiration for Bai Qian, he was willing to sacrifice his freedom and becomes Bai Zhen's mount.

Nine Heavens[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Vengo Gao[13] Dong Hua
The Emperor Lord, one of the oldest five Great Kings of Heaven. He is revered by many, but is indifferent toward the admiration he receives. He does not have a care about anyone or anything, until Feng Jiu enters his life. However, he could not be together with her as he had erased his name from the three life stone (stone that dictates the love destiny of all beings).
In the mortal realm, he falls for Consort Chen (Feng Jiu) who later betrays him as part of the love trial Si Ming set up for him. It was later revealed that the love trial was a repayment of Feng Jiu's love for him.
Huang Mengying[14] Su Jin The only descendant of the heavenly Su Jin Tribe. She was adopted by the Heaven Lord after her tribe was wiped out due to war. Her affections for Ye Hua were unrequited, but through her manipulations she becomes Ye Hua's grand-father's (Heaven Lord) concubine. Jealousy overwhelmed her when she realized Ye Hua loved Su Su and she plotted to frame her and steal her eyes by making it seem as if Su Su pushed her off the Zhu Xian Terrace. When Bai Qian recovered her memories as Su Su, she gouges Su Jin's eyes and uncovers her manipulations and crimes. Su Jin's punishment was to guard Qing Cang but eventually got banished to the mortal realm and to never be able to return to the nine heavens.
Hummer Zhang[15] A Li Ye Hua and Su Su (Bai Qian)'s son.
Li Dongheng[16] Lian Song Heaven Lord's third son, and Ye Hua's uncle. He is known for his playboy and gossipy tendencies, but he is also Ye Hua's confidante and helped him greatly with his relationship problems. Lian Song was in love with Cheng Yu in her past lifetime.
Wang Xiao[17] Si Ming Lord of Dipper of South. He is in charge of life and fate of the human realm, and also serves Dong Hua. He is a gossiper along with Lian Song and Cheng Yu, and is also close with Feng Jiu.
Jiang Kai[18] Heavenly Lord Hao De

Ruler of the Nine Heavens.

Wang Ruolun[19] Sang Ji Heaven Lord's second son. He was Bai Qian's original fiancé, but falls in love with Shao Xin on his journey to Qing Qiu. He was banished to the Northern Sea Dragon Palace as punishment for cancelling the marriage between him and Bai Qian.
Mou Fengbin[20] Yang Cuo Heaven Lord's first son, Ye Hua's father.
Liu Xiaoye[21] Le Xu Yang Cuo's wife and Ye Hua's mother.
Wang Ting[22] Cheng Yu Cheng Yu was a mortal from the imperial family in her past life when she met and fell in love with Lian Song (whose a general). She was brought up from the mortal realm to the Nine Heavens and became Cheng Yu Yuan Jun.
Wang Xiuzhu[23] Miao Qing Princess of the Eastern Seas, who falls at first sight for Ye Hua. She saved A Li from danger, and using it as an excuse, moves into Xi Wu Palace to become Ye Hua's maid. She was later manipulated by Su Jin to interfere in Ye Hua and Bai Qian's relationship.
Chen Kefan Yuan Zhen Shao Xin and Sang Ji's son. He was sent to the mortal realm to undergo a trial after being framed by Su Jin.
Liu Meilin Zhi Yue An immortal from Fang Xu Mountains, and Ye Hua's cousin. She is in love with Dong Hua, and makes life difficult for Feng Jiu in Tai Chen Palace.
Yang Anqi[24] Nai Nai Su Su (Bai Qian)'s personal maid.
Zhang Ranyi[25] Xin Nu Su Jin's personal maid, who is willing to go along with her schemes.
Yu Wentao[26] Tian Shu Ye Hua's bodyguard.
Yu Xuan Hong Hao[27] Jia Yun Ye Hua's civil assistant.

Kun Lun Mountains[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Mark Chao Mo Yuan The eldest son of Heavenly Father, and the undefeatable God of War. Wise and mature, he is well-respected and revered by all the immortals in the Nine Heavens. He is also Ye Hua's older twin brother. Mo Yuan used his soul to seal Qing Cang in the Dong Huang bell and in doing so, shattered his soul. After he defeated Qing Cang, he spent the next 70,300 years piecing his soul back together. He is also the Master of the Kun Lun Mountains as well as Bai Qian (Si Yin)'s mentor.
Lai Yi[28] Die Feng Mo Yuan's senior disciple, and second prince of the Western Seas.
Song Haijie[29] Chang Shan Mo Yuan's second disciple. He helped take care of Kun Lun Mountains during Mo Yuan's absence.
Ryan Zhang[30] Ling Yu Mo Yuan's ninth disciple. He was kidnapped by the Ghost Lord and forced to be his god-son, and later killed in the war between Nine Heavens and the Ghost Tribe.
Liu Ruilin[31] Zi Lan Mo Yuan's sixteenth disciple. He meets and falls in love with Yan Zhi in the human realm, but ultimately could not be together with her.

Ghost Tribe[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Vin Zhang[32] Li Jing Ghost Tribe's second prince, who becomes the Ghost Lord after his father was sealed by the Dong Huang bell. He falls in love with Si Yin, without knowing she is Bai Qian in disguise. When he saw Xuan Nü who resembles Si Yin, he was seduced by her, causing him to inadvertently betray Bai Qian. He later realizes that the only one he ever truly loved was Si Yin.
Zhu Xudan[33] Xuan Nü Bai Qian's childhood friend. She has always envied Bai Qian's beauty and because of this, Bai Qian granted her the ability to morph her appearance to look exactly like Bai Qian whenever she wants. During Xuan Nü's stay at Kun Lun, she used her looks to seduce Li Jing and forced him to marry her. She then acted as a spy for the Ghost Tribe to steal the troop formation from Kun Lun, causing Mo Yuan's army to be defeated. Due to her crimes, she was cursed with the fate of never being able to bear a healthy child.

70,000 years later, Xuan Nü kidnapped Mo Yuan's body and A Li, to exact revenge on Bai Qian while stealing an immortal body to revive her dead child. However, she was defeated by Ye Hua and her appearance was destroyed by Bai Qian. In a fit of shock and horror at seeing her original face, Xuan Nü strikes her eyes, blinding herself. She then dies while trying to retrieve the Divine Fungal Grass to revive her son.

Lian Yiming[34] Qing Cang Li Jing's father. He set his eyes on Ling Yu as a godson, kidnapping him together with Si Yin back into the Demon Palace, which caused a great war between the Ghost Tribe and Nine Heavens. He was sealed thrice in the Dong Huang bell; once by Mo Yuan, once by Bai Qian, and once by Dong Hua. When he finally breaks through the imprisonment, Qing Cang is killed by Ye Hua in a battle.
Dai Si[35] Yan Zhi Ghost Tribe's princess, Li Jing's half-sister, Li Yuan's sister from the same mother. She is doted on and loved by her brothers, and is kind-hearted despite being surrounded by evil. She fell for Si Yin, not knowing she is a girl. Later on, she meets and falls in love with Zi Lan in the mortal realm but their relationship failed to come to fruition due to the rift between Kunlun Mountain and the Ghost Tribe.
Du Junze[36] Li Yuan Ghost Tribe's elder prince, a power-hungry and cruel man whose ambition is to ascend the throne and destroy the immortal tribe. He was later defeated by Li Jing and trapped for thousand of years, and eventually killed by Xuan Nü to make his father more powerful. He's always looked down on Li Jing because they have different mothers.
Huang Tianqi[37] Fire Qilin Li Jing's mount, who grew up with him and is one of his closest friends.
Ren Tao Golden Lion Beast Qing Cang's mount. After Li Yuan is imprisoned by Li Jing, he leaves the Ghost Realm and goes into hiding. He is devoted to Qing Cang and Li Yuan, but is also willing to protect Yan Zhi with his life.


Extended cast
  • Li Xinyi as Yao Guang, a high goddess in love with Mo Yuan who sacrificed herself in the war between Nine Heavens and the Ghost Tribe.
  • Jin Feng as Lu Xiu, Chang Hai's second princess.
  • Zhao Yansong as Father Immortal, Creator of Heaven and Earth
  • Wang Bin as High Priest Ling Bao
  • Ye Xinyu as High Priest Pu Hua
  • Zhao Xinhuan as Medicine King
  • Li Dong as Tudigong
  • Jia Wei as Ruler of Chang Hai
  • Li Tong as Elder Princess of Chang Hai
  • Liu Gugai as Ruler of Eastern Seas
  • Yu Zikuan as Ruler of Western Seas
  • Li Hua Xinyi as Queen of Western Seas
  • Sun Jiaolong as Leader of the Merman
  • Yang Binxin as Leaf Spirit
  • Wan Ziling as Mushroom Spirit
  • Sun Liyang as Pipa Spirit
  • Lin Meiyan as Grape Spirit
  • Zhang Fan as Grey Wolf Spirit
  • Liu Weimin as Squirrel Spirit
  • Liu Xiaowan as Rain Immortal
  • Gan Liying as Xuan Nü's mother
  • Lu Meifang as Empress
  • Zhang Chao as Consort De
  • Liu Wei as Consort Xian
  • Mei Yun as Taoist Nun
  • Du Xiujun as Fu Zi
  • Yi Qiang as little Tou Mu
  • Fu Huafeng as Die Yong
  • Chen Baobao as Consort Chen's maid
  • Tian Na as Yao Guang's subordinate
  • Wang Donghong as Yao Guang's subordinate
  • Zhang Xinrong as Heaven Warrior
  • Meng Xiangliang as Warrior
  • Hou Ruixiang as young vigilante
  • Lu Xu as young Eunuch
  • Yu Zhimei as Grandma
  • Zhang Wenjun as Bully
  • Yao Xiaobao as Bully


The series began production in 2015. Primarily crew members was announced; with Lam Yuk-fan as the director, Zhang Shuping as the style director, Chen Haozhong as the art director and Zhang Shijie as the costume designer.[39] It was announced that Gcoo Entertainment (a subsidiary of Huace Studio) will produce the drama.

Principal photography began on February 10, 2016 at Xiangshan Movie & Television Town.[40][41] The whole crew wrapped up filming on June 30, 2016.[42] Filming also took place in Puzhehei, Yunnan.[43] More than 80% of the sets were newly built in order to avoid replication.[44]


1."Three Lives, Three Worlds (三生三世)[45]" (Opening theme song)Tan XuanDai Yuedong, Tan XuanJason Zhang 
2."Bracing the Chill (凉凉)[46]" (Ending theme song)Tan XuanLiu ChangZhang Bichen, Yang Zongwei 
3."Cherished Memory (思慕)[47]"Tan XuanLuan JieYisa Yu 
4."Even If There's No possibility (就算没有如果)[48]"Tan XuanLuan JieXiang Xiang 
5."Blooming Flowers (繁花)"Dong ZhenDong ZhenDong Zhen 


Eternal Love is a commercial success in China,[49][50] with over 50 billion views online, making it the most viewed Chinese drama.[4] The series also surpassed 1% in ratings on both television stations, averaging 1.288% on Dragon TV and 1.041% on Zhejiang TV.

The series has also attracted large number of foreign fans, which was said to mark a new renaissance for Chinese television. Its success factors were attributed to its beautiful scenes, poetic dialogues and popular stars; as well as the strong fanbase of its original novel.[51] The translated version of the book (To the Sky Kingdom) experienced a surge in sales on website Amazon.[52]

The popularity of the series has led to the soundtrack, "Bracing the Chill" to become one of the most covered songs in 2017.[53]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2017 23rd Shanghai Television Festival Best Actor Mark Chao Nominated [54]
Best Supporting Actress Dilraba Dilmurat Nominated
8th Macau International Television Festival Best Television Series Eternal Love Nominated [55]
Best Actress Yang Mi Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Dilraba Dilmurat Nominated

Novel plagiarism controversy[edit]

The source novel Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (English version To the Sky Kingdom[56]) was suspected to be plagiarized from various sources. The allegation was that the author Tang Qi plagiarised the main characters, story organisation and many important details from a Chinese gay love novel tiled 桃花债 (the novel's title roughly translates to "Peach Blossom Debt") written by 大风刮过; and the prologue from an unfinished contemporary Chinese love novel 非我倾城 written by Gu Man.

The scandal was used as an example of popular media plagiarism in a report by CCTV.[57]

International broadcast[edit]

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