Eternally (Utada Hikaru song)

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Digital download cover
Song by Utada Hikaru
from the album Distance
ReleasedMarch 10, 2008 (2008-03-10)
FormatDigital download
4:49 (Drama Mix)
LabelEMI Music Japan
Songwriter(s)Hikaru Utada
  • Shinichirō Murayama
  • Kei Kawano (strings)

"Eternally" is a song by Japanese musician Utada Hikaru, from her 2001 album Distance. It was re-arranged in 2008 as "Eternally (Drama Mix)" for use in the Maki Horikita starring Fuji TV drama Innocent Love.[1] It was released as a digital single on October 31, 2008,[2] and eventually released onto CD in March 2009, on an EMI compilation album I: Zutto, Zutto, Aishiteru (i(アイ)~ずっと、ずっと、愛してる~).[3]

Innocent Love director Toshiyuki Nakano originally decided that Utada's voice would suit the themes of the drama well. Hearing "Eternally", he felt the song was a perfect choice for the drama, as the song's melody, lyrics and title fitted, in his opinion, as if the song had been specifically commissioned for the drama.[1]


The song is a R&B ballad featuring an arrangement of strings, background percussion and guitar. The lyrics describe a person addressing their lover, describing how much they treasure a single moment they are sharing with this person. They believe that even if they cannot stay with their lover forever, at least "the feeling (they) have now will last forever" (今の気持ちだけはずっと永遠, ima no kimochi dake wa zutto eien).[4]

The drama mix of the song features a different take of Utada's vocals during the recording sessions of Distance in 2001, however it was given a new mix in 2008.[1] The new version is very similar in structure to the original, however with more prominent strings during the chorus.


Chart Peak
Billboard Japan Hot 100[5]
  • Drama Mix
RIAJ Reco-kyō ringtones Top 100[6] 50
RIAJ Reco-kyō ringtones Top 100[6]
  • Drama Mix


Chart Amount
RIAJ full-length cellphone downloads[7] 100,000+
RIAJ full-length cellphone downloads[2]
  • Drama Mix
RIAJ PC downloads[8]
  • Drama Mix

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format
Japan March 10, 2008[7] Digital download (original version)
March 31, 2008[2] Digital download (Drama Mix)


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