Eternity (Kangta album)

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Kang Ta Eternity Cover.jpg
Studio album by Kangta
Released March 12, 2008
Genre K-pop, R&B
Language Korean
Label SM Entertainment
Kangta chronology
Kangta & Best

Eternity is an album released in 2008 by Kangta. It is his fourth and last solo album before leaving for his military duties.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 어느날 가슴이 말했다 (Eternity)
  2. 너를 닮아 (Still With You)
  3. 책갈피 (Reminiscence)
  4. 그래서 미안합니다 (Since you’ve gone)
  5. 7989 (Duet with Taeyeon)
  6. 가슴에 남아 (Still my heart)
  7. 어느 날 가슴이 말했다 (Eternity) (Inst.)
  8. 책갈피 (Reminiscence) (Inst.)

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