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Ethan (Hebrew: אֵיתָן, Modern Eytan / Eitan, Tiberian ʾÊṯān ; "Firm") the Ezrahite, is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. It may be that Ethan was a cymbal-player in King David's court. He authored Psalm 89. Charles Spurgeon theorized that this was the same person as Jeduthun.

Ethan means strong and optimistic, solid and enduring, permanent. The name Ethan appears eight times in the Hebrew Bible (1 Kgs. 4:31, Ps. 89 title, 1 Chr. 2:6 and 2:8, 1 Chr. 6:42 and 6:44, and 1 Chr. 15:17 and 15:19).

He was a standard of wisdom to whom Solomon is compared favorably (I Kings 4:31 KJV).

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