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Ethan Becker American Knife Maker. He is the son of Marion and John William Becker and grandson of Irma Starkloff Rombauer, the original author of The Joy of Cooking. Ethan studied at Cordon Bleu in Paris in 1971 and "was entrusted with" authorship of "Joy" in 1976 from his mother.[1]

In the 1980s he founded Becker Knife and Tool which in time partnered with BlackJack Knives. Becker Knife and Tool later partnered with Camillus Cutlery Company (until Camillus' bankruptcy in 2007) to produce Ethan's knife designs which are currently produced by Ka-Bar Knives and manufactured in the USA.[2]

Ethan is also the creator of the "Becker Patrol Pack" manufactured by Eagle Industries,[3] the CMI Figure 8 Descender and other climbing gear.[1]


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