Ethan James (clothing)

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Ethan James
Privately held
Industry Consumer Goods
Founded 2006
Headquarters Southport, United Kingdom
Key people
Ethan Farrell, Founder
Products Textile - Apparel clothing
Subsidiaries EJ (M)

Ethan James, is a small British fashion company (also known as a "label" or "house") with retail outlets online.


The company was founded in 2006 by Ethan Farrell, who currently holds the position of Head of Creative Design. The company has matured from a T-shirt company, to a Bespoke Clothing company, which also produces an annual Ready to Wear line.

Ready to Wear Lines[edit]

The Ready to Wear Clothing and Accessories line (Titled : Royalty), is released September each year. Items include Clothing, Accessories and a small collection of Footwear.

Items from the Royalty Line are available from Private Sales Online to "VIP" Customers, and a small number of approved boutiques nationwide.

All items from the Royalty by Ethan James line are designed by Ethan Farrell, who is the Companies founder and current Head of Creative Design.

Perfume Line[edit]

The first perfume (Embrace by Ethan James) was released in February 2008 and is a separate area of operations managed by Coty, Inc..

The fragrance will be available exclusively through the Ethan James Online store.

Selfridges, Oxford St began sales of Embrace by Ethan James on the 14th of February, and it remained available for 48 hours. For an unknown reason, the fragrance was removed, and has yet to reappear in the Store. Ethan James UK Ltd. has confirmed that the fragrance will no longer be sold at Selfridges stores, and will be available on the official website along with a handful of approved retail outlets.

In addition to Embrace, a men's fragrance has been announced and will released in the first half of 2008.