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Ethan Kath
Ethan Kath, Popped Music Festival.jpg
Ethan Kath performing with Crystal Castles at the Popped! Music Festival.
Background information
Birth nameClaudio Paolo Palmieri
Also known asEthan Deth
Born1977 (age 41–42)[1]
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist
InstrumentsKeyboards, synthesizers, sampler, guitar, bass guitar, drums, vocoder
Years active2000–present
Associated actsCrystal Castles, Kïll Cheerleadër, Die Mannequin, Jakarta

Claudio Paolo Palmieri,[2][3][4][5][6] known professionally as Ethan Kath, is the songwriter and producer of Crystal Castles and previously the bassist of Kïll Cheerleadër and Die Mannequin.

Rolling Stone named Crystal Castles the #1 Icons of 20 Years of Lollapalooza.[7] Kath and his band Crystal Castles received the John Peel Award For Innovation at the 2011 NME Awards.[8] Crystal Castles' debut album was included in NME's "Top 100 Greatest Albums of the Decade" list at #39.[9]


Kath was born to Italian parents in Toronto, Ontario. Prior to Crystal Castles, Kath played different instruments in many bands. At age 15, he played drums in Jakarta, an anarchist-hardcore band. Later, he was the bassist in a sleaze metal band called Kïll Cheerleadër.[10] He was also in a two-piece folk band.[11]

Crystal Castles are known for the elusiveness of their off-stage lives and identities. Kath is routinely photographed wearing hoodies which obscure some or all of his face and has gone by a number of different aliases over the years.[11]

In October 2017, Alice Glass posted a statement on her official website explaining her departure from Crystal Castles, accusing co-founder Ethan Kath of sexual, physical and mental abuse. The accusations detail the alleged abuse starting when Glass was 15 and began recording with Kath, and escalated until her eventual departure from Crystal Castles. Kath responded the same day in a statement issued to Pitchfork through his attorney, where he called the accusations "pure fiction" and said he was consulting with his lawyers as to his legal options.[12] Kath subsequently sued Glass for defamation.[13] The case was dismissed in February 2018.[14]

On December 21, 2017, Police Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook of the Toronto Police Service confirmed that Palmieri was the subject of a currently open Sex Crimes unit investigation.[15]


With Kïll Cheerleadër[edit]

With Die Mannequin[edit]

With Crystal Castles[edit]


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