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Ethan Wiley is a producer, screenwriter and director. He wrote the screenplay for House and has written and directed several other horror films, including, House II: The Second Story, Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror, starring David Carradine and Eva Mendes, Blackwater Valley Exorcism and Brutal, starring Jeffrey Combs, Michael Berryman and Sarah Thompson. In 2006, Wiley formed Wiseacre Films, an independent production company. Producing credits include Blackwater Valley Exorcism, A Dead Calling, Drifter, Brutal, Deadwater (a.k.a. Black Ops), Bear and The Butterfly Room. Ethan is writer, director and producer of the family comedy movie Elf-Man and the Chinese action-adventure feature Journey to the Forbidden Valley. Ethan was a Production Consultant for the Universal Pictures action film The Man with the Iron Fists 2, and teleplay writer for Universal's Dead Again in Tombstone.

Earlier in his career, Wiley worked as a special effects artist and puppeteer on Return of the Jedi, Gremlins and Romancing the Stone.

Music career[edit]

Wiley is a mandolin and mandocello player. He composed and produced the instrumental CD, Take A Stand, featuring Jon Sholle (guitar), Joe Craven (percussion), Jim Whitney (bass) and Joyce Andersen (violin).[1] Ethan composed and performed two songs for the soundtrack of Jason X, has contributed mandolin, mandocello and guitar to other feature film soundtracks, and has performed and recorded with various singer-songwriters, including Robert Morgan Fisher and Jeff Geoffray.

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