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Ethel Rolt Wheeler

Ethel Rolt Wheeler (July 12, 1869, Lewisham, London – October 1958, Glasgow) was an English poet, author and journalist.

Ethel Rolt Wheeler was born Mary Ethel Wheeler, the daughter of the stone merchant Joseph Wheeler,[1] and Amina Cooke Taylor, both of whom were of Irish descent.[2] She wrote using the pen name Rolt Wheeler, as did her brother, the author and occultist Francis Rolt Wheeler. She was the granddaughter of the Cork shipbuilder Joseph Wheeler on her paternal side and author and anti-Corn law propagandist, William Cooke Taylor on her maternal side.[3]

In the 1890s she became a committee member of the Irish Literary Society of London and chair of the Irish Circle of the Lyceum Club.[4]

She was a prolific author and contributed to many journals including Dome, The Theosophical Review,[5] East and West, The Atlantic Monthly, The London Magazine, Irish Book Lover, Harper's Magazine,[6] The Butterfly,[7] The Anglo-Saxon Review[8] and Great Thought[8] as well as working for and contributing work to The Academy.[3] She also wrote in support of the suffragette movement in articles such as Fair Ladies in Revolt in The Englishwoman's Review[9]

In 1915 she is recorded as living at 59, Stradella Road, Herne Hill.[10]


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