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The Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, established in 1985 as one of the BC Book Prizes, is awarded annually to the best work of fiction by a resident of British Columbia, Canada.

The award is named after novelist and short story writer Ethel Wilson, author of Swamp Angel (1954) and The Innocent Traveller (1949).

Winners and nominees[edit]

Year Winner Nominated
1985 Blue ribbon Audrey Thomas, Intertidal Life
1986 Blue ribbon Keath Fraser, Foreign Affairs
1987 Blue ribbon Leona Gom, Housebroken
1988 Blue ribbon George McWhirter, Cage
1989 Blue ribbon Bill Schermbrucker, Mimosa
  • William Goede, Love In Beijing
  • Robert Harlow, Saxophone Winter
1990 Blue ribbon Keith Maillard, Motet
1991 Blue ribbon Audrey Thomas, Wild Blue Yonder
  • Sky Lee, Disappearing Moon Cafe
  • Caroline Woodward, Disturbing the Peace
1992 Blue ribbon Don Dickinson, Blue Husbands
  • M.A.C. Farrant, Sick Pigeon
  • Maureen Moore, The Illuminations of Alice Mallory
1993 Blue ribbon W.D. Valgardson, The Girl with the Botticelli Face
  • J. A. Hamilton, July Nights and Other Stories
  • Linda Svendsen, Marine Life
1994 Blue ribbon Caroline Adderson, Bad Imaginings
1995 Blue ribbon Gayla Reid, To Be There With You
  • Grant Buday, Under Glass
  • Patricia Robertson, City of Orphans
1996 Blue ribbon Audrey Thomas, Coming Down From Wa
  • Joy Kogawa, Rain Ascends
  • Lorraine Vernon, Through the Canyon
1997 Blue ribbon Gail Anderson-Dargatz, The Cure for Death by Lightning
1998 Blue ribbon Marilyn Bowering, Visible Worlds
1999 Blue ribbon Jack Hodgins, Broken Ground
  • Loranne Brown, The Handless Maiden
  • Anne Fleming, Pool-Hopping and Other Stories
2000 Blue ribbon Michael Turner, The Pornographer's Poem
2001 Blue ribbon Eden Robinson, Monkey Beach
2002 Blue ribbon Madeleine Thien, Simple Recipes
2003 Blue ribbon Carol Shields, Unless
2004 Blue ribbon Caroline Adderson, Sitting Practice
2005 Blue ribbon Pauline Holdstock, Beyond Measure
2006 Blue ribbon Charlotte Gill, Ladykiller
2007 Blue ribbon Carol Windley, Home Schooling
2008 Blue ribbon Mary Novik, Conceit
2009 Blue ribbon Lee Henderson, The Man Game
2010 Blue ribbon Cathleen With, Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison
2011 Blue ribbon Gurjinder Basran, Everything Was Good-Bye[1]
2012 Blue ribbon Esi Edugyan, Half-Blood Blues[2]
2013 Blue ribbon Bill Gaston, The World[3]
2014 Blue ribbon Ashley Little, Anatomy of a Girl Gang[4]
  • Théodora Armstrong, Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility
  • Janie Chang, Three Souls
  • Cynthia Flood, Red Girl Rat Boy
  • Kathryn Para, Lucky
2015 Blue ribbon Aislinn Hunter, The World Before Us[5]
2016 Blue ribbon Alix Hawley, All True Not a Lie in It[6]
2017 Blue ribbon Jennifer Manuel, The Heaviness of Things That Float[7]


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