Ethiopia–Greece relations

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Ethiopian-Greek relations
Map indicating locations of Ethiopia and Greece



Ethiopian-Greek relations are the international relations between Ethiopia and Greece. Although the first Greek diplomatic mission in Ethiopia dates to 1917 with the creation of a Greek Consulate, immigrants from Greece have been present in Ethiopia in the service of the Emperor or nobility since at least the mid-18th century. In 1935 the Consulate was upgraded to an Embassy. From 1951 to 1992, Ethiopia had an embassy in Athens but was forced to close it due to economic reasons; since that time, Ethiopia has reopened its embassy in Athens.

Although the two countries signed trade agreements in 1933, 1955, and 1959, the volume of trade between them remains very low. The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Theodoros Pangalos, made a formal visit to Ethiopia in 1998. The nationalization of properties owned by Greek nationals in Ethiopia during the Derg regime is a factor in the relationship between the two countries.[1]

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