Ethiopia–Turkey relations

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Ethiopian–Turkish relations
Map indicating locations of Ethiopia and Turkey



Ethiopian–Turkish relations are foreign relations between Ethiopia and Turkey. Ethiopia opened an embassy in Ankara in 1959, but was forced to close it in 1976 due to economic constraints; it was recently re-opened in 2006. The Ottoman Empire had an honorary Consul in Harar during 1910-1912, and opened a diplomatic consulate in Addis Ababa in 1912; the Republic of Turkey re-opened a consulate in that city, headed by Charge d'affaires, in 1925.[1] Turkey was the sixth country to open an embassy in Ethiopia. Today the relations between the two countries have been described as excellent, both politically and economically.[2]

Numerous Ministers of the Ethiopian government have made formal visits to Turkey, while Undersecretaries of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Director General for Security, Dr. Turan Genc have likewise visited Ethiopia.[1]

In December 2008, Turkey sent a trade delegation to Ethiopia, which met with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Trade and Industry Girma Biru, and the President of the Oromia Region Abadula Gemeda, as well as visited Turkish-owned textiles factories in Ethiopia.[3] A senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who attended the discussion, expressed the hope that Turkey could share its experience and provide assistance to ongoing efforts to rehabilitate and extend its railway system.[4]

There are also two Ethiopian-Turkish athletes: Elvan Abeylegesse and Alemitu Bekele.

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