Ethiopian Constituent Assembly election, 1994

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Elections for a Constituent Assembly were held in Ethiopia on 5 June 1994 in order to form a body to draw up a new constitution. They were the first elections after the overthrow of the Mengistu regime at the end of the Ethiopian Civil War in 1991, and the first ever multi-party elections in the country; previous elections had either been non-partisan or one-party. The results saw the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front and its allies win 463 of the 544 seats. Voter turnout was 87.5%.[1]

The Assembly finished drafting the new constitution in December, and it went into effect in August 1995.


Alliance Party Votes % Seats
EPRDF and allies Oromo People's Democratic Organization 179
Amhara National Democratic Movement 134
Tigray People's Liberation Front 37
Sidama People's Democratic Organization 19
Wolayta People's Democratic Organization 13
Gamo and Gofa People's Democratic Organization 13
Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front 13
Gurage People's Revolutionary Democratic Movement 12
Hadiya People's Democratic Organization 8
Keficho People's Democratic Organization 6
Gideo People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization 6
Kembata People's Democratic Organization 5
Dawro People's Democratic Organization 4
Afar People's Democratic Organization 2
Alaba People's Democratic Organization 2
Bench People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization 2
Shekecho People's Democratic Movement 2
Gambela People's Liberation Party 2
Tembaro People's Democratic Organization 1
Yem People's Democratic Front 1
Konso People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization 1
Kore People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization 1
Other parties Independents 34
Ethiopian Somali Democratic League 13
Southern Omo People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization 7
Afar Liberation Front 6
Benishangul People's Liberation Movement 5
Silte, Azernet Berbere, Alico Worero, Meskan Melga, Woloene Gedebano PDM 3
Gumusz People's Liberation Movement 2
Mein People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization 2
Western Somali Democratic League 2
Argoba Nation Unity Organization 1
Kebena Nationality Democratic Organization 1
Mareko People's Democratic Organization 1
Burji People's Democratic Organization 1
Dizi People's Revolutionary Democratic Organization 1
Hareri National League 1
Gamo Democratic Unity 1
Invalid/blank votes 329,179 - -
Total 14,698,103 100 544
Source: Nohlen, et alia


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