Ethiopian National Theatre

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Ethiopian National Theater
Ethiopian National Theatre entrance
AddressAddis Ababa
Coordinates9°00′58″N 38°45′07″E / 9.0161°N 38.7519°E / 9.0161; 38.7519
OwnerGovernment of Ethiopia
TypeNational theater

The Ethiopian National Theater is a national theater in central Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Lion monument in front of the Ethiopian National Theater in Addis Ababa.

Formerly known as the Haile Selassie I Theater, the hall had begun to be built during the Italian occupation as the Cinema Marconi with some 350 seats. The building was later completed in 1955 for the celebrations of the Silver Jubilee, and expanded to seat 1260 people. The theatre group was founded by the government in the late 1940s, with the main objective of playing Ethiopian songs by soloists accompanied by a modern orchestra.

The Austrian composer Franz Zelwecker became the first director of the National Theater.

The theater is divided into two directorates, one for theater and the other for music. The music directorate includes the Izra Folk Music and Dance Group, Yared Modern Orchestra, Dawit POP Orchestra and String Orchestra.

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Coordinates: 9°0′58″N 38°45′7″E / 9.01611°N 38.75194°E / 9.01611; 38.75194