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Somali man of Ethiopid type from the Horn of Africa, the center of Ethiopid distribution.

Ethiopid (also known as Aethiopid, Eastern Hamite, Erythriote) is a historical racial classification of humans.

Origin, distribution and physiognomy[edit]

Ethiopids are typically classified as a Caucasoid (Europid) subrace. In their stable form, their center of distribution was considered to be Northeast Africa/Horn of Africa, among that region's Hamito-Semitic-speaking populations.[1][2]

Physically, the classic Ethiopid was of medium height, with a dolicocephalic or mesocephalic skull (see cephalic index). Facial form was essentially Caucasoid, with an orthognathic profile (no prognathism) and a rather prominent, narrow nose. Hair form was often wavy and ringlety, and skin color was invariably brown, with either a reddish or blackish tinge. It is not certain which Caucasoid subrace formed the basis of this stock, but authorities usually suggested Mediterranid or Proto-Mediterranid ancestors.[1][2]

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