Macedonians in Germany

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Macedonians of Germany
Македонци во Германија
Mazedonier in Deutschland
Total population
62,295[1]-85,000 est.[citation needed]
Regions with significant populations

Berlin, Nürnberg, Ingolstadt,

Aalen, Hannover, Stuttgart
Primarily Macedonian and German
predominantly Macedonian Orthodox; all other religions present in Macedonia
Related ethnic groups

According to the 2006 census figures, 62,295 citizens of the Republic of Macedonia reside in Germany.[1] They are concentrated mainly in Bavaria, Berlin, Hannover and Stuttgart. Sources from the Republic of Macedonia claim that the actual number is around 85,000.[citation needed]

Organisation and religion[edit]

Macedonian cultural event in Berlin

Macedonians in Germany, are predominantly Eastern Orthodox Christians, and they are mostly organised in, within the framework of the Macedonian Orthodox Church or the MPCO. Most of these organizations were formed in the early 1990s. The original church community was formed in Hamburg around 1980, and soon after six other MPCO's were established in Germany. The MPCO's have their own churches where many Macedonians gather for Ilinden, Easter and Christmas. The biggest are:

The MPCO's encourage the Macedonian Orthodox Church, traditional Macedonian folklore and customs from the motherland. They also encourage the upkeep of Macedonian heritage, language and traditions in Germany.

Other Christian minority groups in the Macedonian German community include Greek Catholics, Eastern Catholics, a few Uniates and some Protestants. Smaller numbers of Macedonians are Muslims who may or may not adhere to every aspect of Islam, and many more could be nonreligious/irreligious and agnostic/secularist.


There are several Macedonian sports clubs in Germany. The best known is probably FK Makedonija 1970 from Berlin[9]

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