Ethnological Museum, Chittagong

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Ethnological Museum
Entrance of Ethnological Museum (03).jpg
Entrance of the Museum
Ethnological Museum, Chittagong is located in Bangladesh
Ethnological Museum, Chittagong
Location of Ethnological Museum of Chittagong, Bangladesh
LocationAgrabad C/A, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Coordinates22°19′41″N 91°48′54″E / 22.3280°N 91.8150°E / 22.3280; 91.8150Coordinates: 22°19′41″N 91°48′54″E / 22.3280°N 91.8150°E / 22.3280; 91.8150
Visitors200-300 (per day)
CuratorMohammed Amiruzzaman[1]

The Ethnological Museum of Chittagong (Bengali: জাতিতাত্ত্বিক জাদুঘর) is the only ethnological museum in Bangladesh and is located in Agrabad, Chittagong.[2] The Museum contains displays featuring the history of Bangladesh's tribal people.[1][3]


The Ethnological Museum was established in 1965 and the museum opened to the public in 1974.[1] Two rooms were added to the museum during 1985-1995. In 1996, a gallery with folk articles of Bengali-speaking people was added.


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