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Ethnos (Greek: Έθνος, lit. '"The Nation"') is the name of a Greek daily newspaper first published in 1913.

Typedaily newspaper
PublisherDimera Media Investments
Founded26 October 1913 (26 October 1913)
Political alignmentCentre, Centre-left
CountryGreece Edit this at Wikidata


The newspaper was first published in 1913 with a Venizelist political thesis. Always in the progressive political spectrum, it supported later Georgios Papandreou and Center Union. In 1970, during the Greek military junta of 1967-74, it was forced to stop publishing. In 1981, Dimitris Varos relaunched it as a colour tabloid.

The newspaper was owned for years by Pegasus Publishing S.A.[1] In 2017 was sold to Dimera Media Investments, owned by Ivan Savvidis.[2] Dimera reportedly acquired the two Ethnos titles (daily and Sunday) for 3 million euros.[3]