Etica & Animali

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Etica & Animali
Cover of the first issue
DisciplineAnimal ethics
Edited byPaola Cavalieri
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Animus (Italy)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Etica Anim.
OCLC no.38160858

Etica & Animali ("Ethics & Animals") was an academic journal of philosophy published quarterly from 1988 to 1998, covering animal ethics. It was established and edited by the Italian philosopher Paola Cavalieri.[1]


Over its publication history, nine volumes were issued.[2] These included the unpublished works of Peter Singer, Tom Regan, Edward Johnson, James Rachels, among others.[3] The journal has been described as having been instrumental in introducing analytic philosophy to an Italian audience,[1] as well as information about the animal liberation movement.[4] It is also credited as internationally popularising the term "rights-holders" to describe animals.[1] A special issue dedicated to the Great Ape Project, was published in 1996;[5] Peter Singer served as special co-editor.[6]

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