Etisalat Tower 1

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Etisalat Tower 1
General information
Location Dubai, UAE
Completed 1992[1]
Roof 100 metres (330 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 17[1]
Design and construction
Architect Arthur Erickson Architectural Corporation[1]

The Etisalat Tower 1 (known as Etisalat Tower until Etisalat Tower 2 began construction) is a 17-floor tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The tower has a total structural height of 100 m (328 ft). Upon completion in 1992, Etisalat Tower was the fourth-tallest building in Dubai.[2] The building houses Etisalat's Dubai head office.


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Coordinates: 25°15′47″N 55°18′50″E / 25.2630°N 55.3140°E / 25.2630; 55.3140