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eTomi is the name of a P2P applications based on Shareaza. On the P2P scene it is by some users regarded as a scam as certain stealth operating companies have cloned the brand and use advertisements that generally consist of deceptive search engine ads and typosquatting.

Mode of operation[edit]

eTomi is really a re-branded open source P2P program slightly modified to co-exist along with a support offering that includes phone, e-mail, live chat and self-serve customer support. eTomi legally exists to offer "support" for these applications (this is usually hidden in the fine print).

Some individuals, in some cases stealth operating companies, have successfully cloned the application, the brand, and tried to emulate the support offering in hopes of making money by charging for support that is often just a copy of the wiki or other documentation from the original program's website. In these cloned offerings, you can usually download several modified peer-to-peer applications non related to eTomi.


eTomi is based on Shareaza. The application runs on the Gnutella2 network and also connects to edonkey2000, BitTorrent and Gnutella. Shareaza, just like eTomi is a Windows only program, although it can be run in Linux on Wine.

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