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Ettamogah Pub
Original Ettamogah.JPG
The original Ettamogah Pub at Table Top, near Albury, New South Wales
Ettamogah Pub is located in New South Wales
Ettamogah Pub
Ettamogah Pub
Location of the original Ettamogah Pub at Table Top, near Albury in New South Wales
General information
TypeAustralian pub
Coordinates35°58′6″S 147°0′30″E / 35.96833°S 147.00833°E / -35.96833; 147.00833Coordinates: 35°58′6″S 147°0′30″E / 35.96833°S 147.00833°E / -35.96833; 147.00833
Completed1987 (1987)
ClientLindsay Cooper

The Ettamogah Pub is a cartoon pub that was featured in the now defunct Australasian Post magazine. The cartoonist Ken Maynard, loving empty spaces and having nothing around him, enjoyed an area just outside Albury at Table Top, New South Wales, named Ettamogah, thus christening the eponymous name of his now famous pub the "Ettamogah Pub". The first "Ettamogah Pub" of a chain of such pubs was built there and copies now exist in various parts of Australia including Sydney in New South Wales, Palmview on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and Cunderdin in Western Australia.


The pub was built by businessman Lindsay Cooper and first opened in 1987.[1] The aim was to create a themed family restaurant which would become a tourist attraction.[2] The timber building featured sloping walls and a distinctive architectural style true to the original cartoon design.

In 2007, the hotel in Albury opened 17 new cabins for accommodation.[3] The site also houses the Ken Maynard Museum and an artwork collection. In 2011, the owner Leigh O’Brien visited the establishment and noted how run-down it appeared. He announced plans for a $3 million redevelopment which included the addition of a caravan park and petrol station.[4] By 2017 none of this work had been commenced and the pub is a shadow of what it might have been.

Sunshine Coast[edit]

The second Ettamogah Pub opened at the Aussie World theme park at Palmview on the Sunshine Coast in 1989.[1] It was opened by then Premier Mike Ahern. Construction took nine months and it cost $4.5 million.[5] A 1927 Chevrolet sits atop the roof of the building. This follows a flood in the cartoon after which the owners couldn't be bothered to remove the vehicle.[5] To celebrate its 21st year of operations the pub began brewing and selling its own beer.[6]

In 2014, following a dispute over intellectual property rights, this pub has since changed its name and removed any of the cartoon likenesses.[7] In 2018, the pub underwent a substantial redevelopment project which included more than 500 square metres of decking around the front and sides of the building.[8]


A third pub opened in the Western Australian wheat belt town of Cunderdin in 2001.[1]


The Ettamogah Pub in Sydney, is located on the corner of Merriville and Windsor roads, Kellyville Ridge. Familiar landmarks are the Rouse Hill Town Centre and the Kellyville McDonald's. Every Thursday night, it holds a retro night. It is a copy of the original Ettamogah Pub from Table Top and was opened in 2003.[1] Although the appearance from the outside is a copy of the original the similarities end at the surface as the pub itself (the bar/drinking area) is inside the metal shed like structure adjoined to the rear of the wooden 'pub' and inside is nothing like the original. The wooden building known as the 'Ettamogah pub' that can be seen from Windsor road is basically a 'walk through' entrance to the metal shed behind and doesn't share many similarities at all with the original except of course the outside appearance.


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