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EuPathDB refers to the Eukaryotic Pathogen Database Resources Centre. This is a bioinformatics resource centre (BRC) for biodefense and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. It is an integrated database covering the eukaryotic pathogens in several genera. It enables the accessing of detailed genome information associated with these pathogens.[1] EuPathDB was formerly known as ApiDB and was the integrated resources for the apicomplexans covering the databases of associated pathogens, ToxoDB, PiroplasmDB and CryptoDB.[2]

Presently EuPathDB covers 11 databases, the latest addition being that of Piroplasma which supports Babesia and Theileria. This BRC is one of five centres being funded to provide support to research bodies. EuPath supports the investigation of eukaryotic pathogens, and the other four centres support the investigation of other disease pathogens.[3] It has developed a sophisticated search system providing invaluable help to researchers.[4]


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