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Pronunciation /ˈjuːən/
Gender Male
Word/name Pictish
Meaning Born of the yew
Region of origin United Kingdom (Scotland), Canada
Other names
Related names Ewen, Eoghan, Ivan, Owen

Euan or Ewan is a British/Canadian, male given name, most common throughout the United Kingdom and Canada, due to the influence of Scots in both nations. It is a derivative of the Pictish name, Vuen (or 'Wen'), which is the Pictish British cognate of Eoghan in Gaelic.[1] It is also, less commonly, a surname.

It is said to mean "born of the yew (tree)"[2] and is also associated loosely with the Scottish god of the glen. In Gaelic etymology, Euan implies a plethoric (red-faced) individual.

Owen is the predominant Welsh spelling of the name, but Iwan and Iuan are also found, as they are in Cornish. Ouen can be considered the French or Breton spelling of the name.

Euan is also a Latin word meaning Bacchus.[3]

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  • Euan Abercrombie, minor character from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
  • Ewan, a character from the TV series Merlin Season 1 Episode 2
  • Ewan O'Hara, Juliet O'Hara's brother on the TV series Psych
  • Euan Pierce, the lead character from the TV series Off Centre

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