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In Greek mythology, the name Euchenor[pronunciation?] (Ancient Greek: Εὐχήνωρ) may refer to:

  • Euchenor, son of the seer Polyeidos and Eurydameia, brother of Cleitus, from Corinth. The brothers participated in the campaign of the Epigoni and afterwards fought in the Trojan War.[1] Polyeidos had predicted that Euchenor would either die of an illness in his home city, or fall at Troy; Euchenor chose to go to the war and was eventually killed by Paris.[2] Alternately, Euchenor was a grandson of Polyeidos; he was said to have dedicated a sacred image to Dionysus, surnamed Dasyllius, at Megara.[3]
  • Euchenor, son of Aegyptus, who married and was killed by Iphimedousa, daughter of Danaus.[4]
  • Euchenor, father, by Phlogea, of King Echetus of Epirus.[5]


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