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Euclid Network is a European network of civil society leaders, which was launched in Paris in March 2007 as a result of a joint initiative by three civil society umbrella bodies across Europe; Acevo (UK), Ideell Arena (Sweden) and fr:CJDES (France). Since the launch, Euclid Network connects around 300 members from 31 different countries.

The network wishes to promote professionalism and innovation with charities and NGOs for a more cohesive European civil society.

The Executive Director of Euclid Network is Filippo Addarii.


Euclid Network has four core aims. These are as follows:

Professional development

Euclid Network’s mission is to empower third sector leaders across Europe. They offer formal training courses, peer-learning opportunities, and e-learning. In addition they have introduced are a range of innovative new methodologies such as job-shadowing.

Good governance

Euclid Network views good governance as an essential component to good leadership because it enables leaders to prove the transparency and accountability of their organisation, and build bridges of trust with all stakeholders. In addition this supports members to improve their relationships with their boards.

Welfare partnership

Euclid Network believes that social welfare has to be developed as a partnership between all sectors, with the third sector playing a crucial role. Euclid Network monitors changes that governments across Europe are implementing in this field. They share evidence with members to help them to innovate in order to be better in what they do.

Sustainable funding

The biggest concern for most members is funding. Euclid Network has two key goals in this field: they wish to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing funding sources - some of which are too bureaucratic and stifle innovation and good practice – and increase the funding available for members. The other main activity that Euclid Network focuses on in this field is to enable members to explore a range of income sources and new partnerships to diversify their revenue streams and increase the financial sustainability of their organizations.

Current projects[edit]

Euclid Network's current biggest focus is on the role of social enterprise and social business in Europe. In January 2013 Filippo Addarii outlined the organisation's commitment to the social enterprise agenda.[1] Addarii had previously suggested that the economic crisis in Europe provides an opening for social entrepreneurs.[2]

Many of Euclid Network's current projects focus on developing and connecting third-sector leaders in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans.

The project seeks to increase democratic demand by empowering civil society with a unique methodology: connecting leaders across borders to facilitate peer learning and cooperation, for the development of more innovative and cohesive societies. Project activities include comprehensive research, train-the-trainer master-classes and conferences.


Euclid Network receives funding from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Directorate-General for Education and Culture.

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