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Eudamidas I (Greek: Εὐδαμίδας, reigned 330 – c. 300 BC) was a Spartan king of the Eurypontid line,[1] son of Archidamus III and brother of Agis III, whom he succeeded. He married the wealthy Archidamia, and they had two children, Archidamus IV and Agesistrata. There is evidence that Eudamidas I owned the half of his wife's wealth in land.[2][3] His reign Sparta was a time of peace.[4] Pausanias devotes more space to Agis II (427–400) and Agesilaus II (400–360) than to other kings, such as Agis III (338–330) and Eudamidas I, whose lives he passed by briefly, as the Eurypontid line ‘fades’.[5]

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Preceded by
Agis III
Eurypontid King of Sparta
331 BC – c. 305 BC
Succeeded by
Archidamus IV